50 Ways to Leave your Lover
(M./T.: Paul Simon)

All The Things You Are
(M./T.: Oscar Hammerstein/Jerome Kern. Arr. Lars Wallenas)

Autumn Leaves
(M./T.: Joseph Kosma/Johnny Mercer. Arr.: Joachim Fischer)

And So it Goes
(M./T.: Billy Joel. Arr.: Bob Chilcott)

Bohemian Rhapsody
(M./T.: Freddy Mercury. Arr.: Oliver Gies)

Bourrée for W.A.
(Frei nach Leopold Mozart. Bearbeitung und Satz: Henry O. Millsby)

The Cave
(M./T.: Mumford and Sons)

Cheek to Cheek
(M./T.: Irving Berlin. Arr.: Moritz P. Katz)

Chili Con Carne
(M./T.: Anders Edenroth)

Don’t Stop Me Now
(M./T.: Queen. Arr.: Oliver Gies)

Evening Rise
(Indianer-Song. Arr.: Christian Bollmann)

(M./T.: Rhiannon. Arr.: Gary Malkin)

Fly Me To The Moon
(M./T.: Bart Howard. Arr.: Moritz P. Katz)

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
(M./T.: Ralph Blane/Hugh Martin. Arr.: Moritz P. Katz)

Hide and Seek
(M./T.: Imogen Heap. Arr.: Rachel Lindley)

Holding Our for A Hero
(M./T.: Jim Steinman/Dean Pitchford)

I Can See Clearly Now
(M./T.: Johnny Nash. Arr.: Matthias E. Becker)

I Sing, You Sing
(M./T.: Anders Edenroth)

In This Heart
(M./T.: Sinead O’Connor. Arr.: „Amacord“, Leipzig)

(M./T.: Björk. Arr.: Sophia Bös)

Jul, Jul, Stralande Jul
(M./T.: Gustaf Nordqvist/Edvard Evers)

Make you feel my love
(M./T.: Bob Dylan. Arr.: Jeremy Birchall)

Only You
(M./T.: Vincent Clarke. Arr.: Lorenz Maierhofer)

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree
(M./T.: Johnny Marks. Arr.: Berhard Hofmann)

Shall I Compare Thee
(T.: William Shakespeare. M.: Nils Lindberg)

She’s Always a Woman
(M./T.: Billy Joel. Arr.: Oliver Gies)

Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)
(M./T.: Beyonce Knowles et al. Arr.: Roger Emerson)

(Sittin‘ on) The Dock of the Bay
(M./T.: Steve Cropper and Otis Redding. Arr.: Mac Huff)

Space Oddity
(M./T.: David Bowie. Arr.: David Gildin)

Sweet Dreams
(M./T.: Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart. Arr.: Oliver Gies)

Unchain My Heart
(M./T.: Bobby Sharp. Arr.: Moritz P. Katz)

Uptown Funk
(M./T.: Mark Ronson et al. Arr.: Deke Sharon)

Viva La Vida
(M./T.: Coldplay. Arr.: Jens Johansen)

(M./T.: The Spice Girls and Methew Rowebottom and Richard Stannard. Arr.: Nathan Howe)

What A Wonderful World
(T./M.: George David Weiss/George Douglas. Arr.: Norbert Hanf)

When I Fall in Love
(T.: Edward Heyman. M.: Victor Young. Arr.: Kirby Shaw)

(M./T.: Hubertus Bürgstein)